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Oncofertility treatment in Delhi

Oncofertility treatment in Delhi

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Getting diagnosed with cancer at a younger age can affect one's dream of becoming a parent. The cancer therapies in females can cause ovarian damage that may cause early menopause, damage the egg's genetic structure, ovarian failure, and cause other reproductive issues. In males, cancer treatment can cause damage to testes and also reduces testosterone production.

Still, with the help of oncofertility and fertility preservation, the dream can become a reality. In this treatment, male sperm and female oocytes will be preserved, which will be used in the fertility treatments later.

Oncofertility is an interdisciplinary field that bridges the field of oncology and fertility preservation and focuses on improving the reproductive future of cancer patients. People who are undergoing cancer treatment opt for fertility preservation treatment options for preserving fertility. Many cancer treatments affect the fertility of males and females, and oncofertility treatment helps preserve such patients' fertility. Oncofertility involves the preservation of eggs, sperm, or reproductive tissues of a person who wants to have children in the future and is undergoing cancer treatment.

Oncofertility treatment in Delhi
Oncofertility treatment in Delhi

In males, the sperm is preserved or frozen with the help of the sperm banking process. Cryopreservation is the option for patients who do not wish to use donor sperms and undergoing cancer treatment. In the Testicular Sperm Extraction process the sperm is collected directly from epididymis frozen for future use. In the tissue banking process, the testicular tissue is operationally separated and frozen.

At Dr. Sowjanya Aggarwal IVF Clinic, IVF specialists and medical experts discuss and provide the best fertility preservation options in Delhi for patients undergoing chemotherapy or radiation treatment for cancer treatment.

In females, embryo banking is also performed to preserve the healthy embryos for implantation in the future.

Temporary Ovarian Suppression treatment is also performed with drugs called GnRHa, which shuts down ovaries during cancer treatment, and females undergo temporary menopause. The treatment is started before cancer treatment or chemotherapy and is a great option for females who want to restore ovarian function after cancer treatment. Embryo Cryopreservation or freezing of eggs is a great option that involves freezing eggs or fused embryos.

For more information about Oncofertility treatment in Delhi, pay a visit today at Dr. Sowjanya Aggarwal IVF Clinic.

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