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Donor Program (Sperm/oocyte) in Delhi, Ghaziabad

Donor Program (Egg/Sperm/oocyte/embryo) in Delhi, Ghaziabad

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Are you not able to conceive naturally?

The sperm, oocyte, and embryo donation program can help. Consult today with the best Egg donation centres in Ghaziabad, and Delhi, Dr. Sowjanya Aggarwal IVF Clinic, to avail the benefits of the reproductive cells donor program.

Many couples often face the challenge of infertility. Many females are not able to get naturally pregnant, and sometimes fertility treatments also fail. Such types of couples need a third party donor or reproduction program as an option for fertility. These programs offer donor eggs, sperms, and embryos for assisting these couples.

Egg donation:

Female who has no ovaries, poor egg quality, low ovarian reserve, genetic diseases, or other problems may need an egg donation program. In this program, a donor egg is offered to the woman to help the couple to achieve fertility. A woman should be physically and psychologically healthy for an egg donation program. During the procedure, an egg is collected from a donor through a small surgery followed by in vitro fertilization (IVF), and finally, an embryo is transferred to the woman’s uterus. After two weeks, the pregnancy test can be conducted. Thereafter, natural childbirth will take place. Some hormonal therapy sessions are needed for the desired mother prior to accepting donor eggs, which is termed as the Hormonal Replacement technique. This therapy is helpful for the determination of whether the uterus of a woman is ideal for implantation.

Donor Program (Sperm/oocyte) in Delhi
Donor Program (Sperm/oocyte) in Delhi, Egg donation centres in Ghaziabad

Sperm donation:

Many males suffer from problems like male factor infertility, inherited disease, or other problems. They may need another man who can donate their sperms. Donor sperms are further fused with eggs of the female partner that causes embryo development. After several weeks the developed embryo is transferred into the womb to lead pregnancy. There are men who donate their sperms for noble causes. In some couples, male partners, due to infertility issues, need donor sperm. Donated sperms are further fused with the eggs of the female partner to form an embryo. The developed embryo is further implanted in the woman’s womb that causes childbirth after pregnancy.

Embryo donation:

There are certain couples where both the man and woman face infertility problems, and other fertility options have failed. Embryo donation is the best option for such couples. This program involves the development of the embryo furthering its implantation in the uterus of the woman partner. This program needs couples who are willing to donate sperms and eggs after undergoing a series of examinations that determines their medical fitness. These couples become embryo donors because they may have fulfilled their family and have extra preserved embryos, which can be helpful for infertile couples. After successfully screening couples, healthy embryos are transferred to the other woman’s womb for conception.

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