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Dr. Sowjanya : Best IVF Centre In Ghaziabad

Dr. Sowjanya Aggarwal is a Gynaecologist and Fertility Specialist with Professional experience of over 15 years in Clinical Practice. Following her post-graduation in Obstetrics & Gynaecology, she underwent specialized training/fellowship in Minimal Access Gynae Surgery & Reproductive medicine (IVF) from reputed institutes in Cochin( Kerala). Her experience is in sync with her bright academics, making her clinic the best IVF center in Ghaziabad.

Education and Training
  • Minimal access gynae surgery and reproductive medicine, Cochin.
  • Internship from Osmania hospital.
  • M.S. Obstetrics and gynecology, Sri ramchandra medical college, Chennai.
  • Senior residency, Guru teg bahadur Hospital, New Delhi.

Has her own fellowship program where she trains Doctors in IVF technology.

best doctor for ivf in Ghaziabad
best doctor for ivf in Ghaziabad

Best Fertility treatments that offer the best chance of conception in a supportive, caring, and confidential environment

We are pioneered in many of the routine techniques to treat fertility today. The experienced doctors and trained staff offer the best fertility treatment to their clients.

  • Treatment from experts
  • Best fertility treatments
  • Safe sanitized environment
  • Highly qualified medical professional
  • World-class protocol
  • Personalized care
best doctor for ivf in Ghaziabad

Why Choose Us?

Dr Sowjanya Aggarwal's best IVF centre in Ghaziabad offer fertility treatments that offer the best chance of conception in A supportive, caring, And Confidential environment.

  • Trained staff - Our staff has been trained in IVF technology. They use the best technology to deal with IVF treatment.
  • Confidential environment - Anything shared with the Doctor doesn’t go out of the room. One can talk openly without hesitation.

Best Fertility Treatments

We provide the best treatment for curing infertility issues using the most advanced medical technology from medical experts.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is fertility medication in IVF?

    It is the first step in the IVF treatment, a common practice among the Best IVF centers in Ghaziabad. It involves augmenting egg production to increase the chances of fertilization.

  • What is Egg retrieval in IVF?

    One of the most accepted practices among the global infertility specialists and the best IVF centers in Ghaziabad. It is a crucial step since eggs are sucked from follicles using a needle by monitoring through the transvaginal ultrasound.

  • What is sperm retrieval in IVF?

    It involves sperm collection for fertilization with the eggs. One needs to go for the best IVF center in Ghaziabad to ensure that sperm samples are stored and carefully used thereafter

  • What is embryo transfer in IVF?

    It involves transferring embryos to the uterus of a woman. The embryos are inserted into the female’s vagina via the cervix and into the womb. Almost all the best IVF centers in Ghaziabad use a catheter to guide the eggs, making it a flawless step, ensuring optimal results.


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