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Advanced Semen Analysis in Delhi

Advanced Semen Analysis in Ghaziabad, and Delhi

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Sperm are the reproductive cells and contain the head, midsection, and tail. They are motile, which helps them travel and fuse with the female egg that results in fertilization. The semen sample contains fructose, lubricants, enzymes, and buffers that support sperm health and also aids in the fertilization process.

The sperm contains genetic information that is densely packed in the head part of the sperm. 23 chromosomes are present in male sperm, and they pair with the 23 chromosomes of the female egg to give 46 chromosomes to form a healthy human embryo.

The chromosomes are made up of genetic material called DNA, which is divided into segments called genes that produce a unique protein that performs different functions inside the cell. The genes present inside the sperm helps to fertilize an egg and help in the normal development of an embryo. An epigenetic modification or changes can affect the gene activity in sperm and the quality of the sperm. Most of the epigenetic changes are commonly found in males suffering from infertility issues and also in IVF couples and cause the development of poor quality embryos. Males who smoke, drink, and are older tend to have bad epigenetic changes, which causes bad epigenetic changes in their sperm.

Advanced Semen Analysis in Ghaziabad, Delhi
Advanced Semen Analysis in Ghaziabad, Delhi

Sperm testing is done performing a routine semen analysis. The advanced semen analysis tells about the number of sperm produced and how many are showing movement and have normal appearance are viewed under a powerful microscope. The testing of the sperm quality helps to identify the genetic changes in the sperm.

Advanced semen analysis is a very important diagnostic test performed to assess the childbearing potential of infertile couples. The semen is analyzed using the standard medical protocols at Dr. Sowjanya Aggarwal IVF Clinic.

The semen analysis test measures the amount of semen produced by males. It also determines the quality and number of sperm produced and also determines whether a male can become a father or not. The test evaluates the liquid portion called semen and also the moving cells and is used to evaluate male infertility.

The analysis provides with the following-

Symptoms of infertility in males

  • Helps count number of sperm in ml in a single ejaculate
  • Determine the percentage of sperm in normal shape
  • Determine the percentage of sperm that can move forward normally
  • Amount of semen volume in a single ejaculate
  • Semen volume and thickness of the semen

Diagnosis of infertility in males

  • Number or percentage of normal and abnormal sperm
  • Measure acidity and amount of fructose present in the semen
  • Presence of white blood cells that indicate infection
  • Presence of sperm antibodies or abnormal hormone levels
  • Genetic tests-chromosomal abnormality or cystic fibrosis

The semen sample is collected in a clean and wide-mouth sterile container provided by the clinic; and the sperm are also temperature sensitive, and the sample should be collected at 34-36 degrees Centigrade.

For more information, visit Dr. Sowjanya Aggarwal IVF Clinic, which provides the best Advance Semen Analysis and infertility treatment in Ghaziabad, and Delhi.

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