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  • Dr. Gunjan Kumari Bhagwat

Personal Details

  • Doctor Name Dr. Gunjan Kumari Bhagwat
  • Primary Speciality Assistant Consultant
  • Experience 15+ years

Education & Training

  • Medical Education MBBS (Hons), MD (OBS & GYNAE)
  • Practice Areas none
  • Residency New Delhi

Dr. Gunjan Kumari Bhagwat currently Working As Consultant Gynecology and IVF at Max Superspeciality Hospital Vaishali and Noida. she was SENIOR RESIDENT with clinical( laproscopy and infertility management) and teaching experience of 3 years post MD in Departrnent of Obs and Gynae MAMC & associated LNH ,NEW DELHI.

Experience in corporate sector as Specialist Obs & Gynae in MAX hospital , Noida.PGMSST (Post Graduate Microsurgical Skills Training) at MAMC. Trained in Operative Laproscopy – Basic and Advanced at AIIMS, New Delhi

Thesis on “ Role of screening and treatment of abnormal vaginal flora in 2nd trimester of pregnancy in prediction and prevention of preterm delivery”. Intravaginal Pessary Containing lactobacillus, Clindamycin, Clotrimazole decreases the Rate of preterm delivery and Incidence of Low Birth Weight in Asymptomatic Mothers with Abnormal Vaginal Flora in Early Pregnancy.Gunjan K, Anupam KS, Arvind K.IJHSR. 2016; 6(4): 72-79. Should Abnormal Vaginal Flora in 2 nd Trimester of Pregnancy be Treated to Prevent Preterm Labor. Kumari G, Tempe A.MAMC J Med Sci 2015;1:64-8. Carcinoma Cervix presenting as predominant lesion of uterine corpus : Posing a diagnostic and Management dilemma. Kumari G, Tempe A, Verma N, Singh N. IJAR 2017; 7(6): 202-203.

NTSE holder ( National talent Search Examination Scholar),NCERT. Dr Rangila Sinha Young Gynaecologist Award in AOGSBJ 2012. East Zone YUVA FOGSI QUIZ - 2011.East Zone YUVA FOGSI QUIZ winner- 2012.

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